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Driving with CB radio mounted in vehicle
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Zoom Client for Meetings

Download this file to load Zoom.
If you already have zoom you do not need this file.
Version 5.2.1 (01/09/2020)
Emergency Radio Responder (ERR)

Emergency Radio Responder is a custom database developed by Colin Wood (VC 37) to record and manage emergency and non-emergency events.
It is a Windows based application which can run on a PC or laptop.
In the future, the application will be accessible directly via a web browser - on any operating platform.

Download this file to load CrestAssist.exe
This is the program file only - Not the database.
If you do not have the complete program it will not work.
Contact Colin for more information.
Version (06/10/2020)
When everything else fails, radio communications continue...

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