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What's New (on this website)

This page will list changes to this website.  You may need to refresh your screen (F5 on some desktop browsers) before you see any changes.  This is because some WEB browsers may retain older versions of the WEB page in memory, to speed up loading times.

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  • Updated Executive Team photos and details
  • Fixed incorrect emergency mobile number on home page from 012 to 112.

  • Added Supporter details Rojone Pty Ltd.

  • Added 'About Us' Honour board which displays Life membership and Silent Mic's.
  • Added 'About Us' CREST Structure

  • Added transmission frequencies to list of Australian HF CB radio channels.
  • Added membership graph to members page.

  • Added CREST PC support page and support software download option.

  • Added download buttons in Member Documents section
  • Updated 9SS spreadsheet
  • Began modifying code to suite mobile devices

  • Updated Exec team details
  • Fixed visitor book
  • Added COVID-19 stats to home page
  • Added new CoronaVirus page

  • Added official use for 5/35 repeater usage + Hansard doc
  • Corrected information on dulpex diagram
  • Registered site with Google

  • Updated CREST Vic contact information page
  • Fixed various link issues
  • Added links to interstate CREST web sites
  • Added additional supporter info

  • Fixed capitalisation of Crest to CREST
  • Added photo gallery
  • Changed Header photo
  • Fixed minor typo's
  • Added Duplex / Simplex diagrams and channel use details
  • Added Repeater propagation diagrams

  • Added world-wide CB call channels to tab on CB channel usage page.
  • Added 27MHz propagation chart.
  • Added 24 x 7 x 365 operational hours text to footer.
  • Added stats counter to home page.
  • Added a guest book via the 'Get Involved' menu.
  • Added an events calendar via the 'Get Involved' menu.
  • Started development of the members' area.  Contact VC37 for the password.
  • Member benefits page added.
  • Added a document download area - within Members Area.
  • Added a software download area - within Members Area.
  • Added CB Channel Usage (under the Services main menu).
  • Some pages which said 'click here to ...' have been activated.
  • This 'what's new' page has been added.

When everything else fails, radio communications continue...

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